2022 Zone convention

Set Subject Photo Competition

Individuals are responsible for uploading their images onto the competition site at the Myphoto website. The link button is located at the top of the page.

Entries must be uploaded NLT then 15th March 2022.  

  • Individuals may enter a maximum of 4 images in total. This applies to individuals who may be members of more than one club
  • The entries shall be submitted on behalf of the entrant NOT their club
  • An entry fee of $1 shall be charged for each entry (Pay your $1 to your club, and each club will receive an invoice for those entries.)
  • Entries must be in jpeg format ready for viewing on screen by projection
  • Maximum width is 1920 pixels
  • Maximum height is 1200 pixels
  • Maximum size is 2MB


Definition: Environmental Portrait of a person at work within their daily work environment.

Medium: Digital Colour


Question from the Forster Digital Photographic Club:  We have had an inquiry regarding the wording of the NZ Set Subject whereby the topic states: ‘People hard at work’ and the definition states: ‘a portrait of a person hard at work’ and our member wondered which way it would be judged.  We realise that these subjects are open for individual interpretation and apologies for bothering you but I did agree to clarify their request.

Response: Reference the topic: People hard at work.  The title covers the collection of works to be submitted for judging and instead of person hard at works, we used the plural, being people.

As per the definition; a portrait of a person hard at work. This is an environmental portrait, so the main focal point should be on one person however there is nothing wrong with multiple people in the image to help tell the story. If the judges’ focus is directed to the main subject, then you have met the brief. For example, a teacher in a classroom of students, if your focus is on the teacher, great. The students add to the environment they are working in. This is a simple response to your question.

However, it is a competition. Sometimes it is about taking risks and exploring an idea than pushing the boundaries. As long as the image is not offensive, all entries submitted into the set subject will be judged. The judges will be looking for all the normal things like composition, lighting, technical output, etc but if you can show them an image with a wow factor or something totally out of the box, go for it. Don’t be afraid to explore different concepts to meet the brief. You never know, it could be what gives your that final advantage over someone else’s.